Unsere You and Me  hat am 11.06.16 sieben  wunderschöne Babys
von unserem Cookie bekommen!
Alle 7 sind einfach FANTASTISCH !

Our You and Me gives birth to 7 wonderful Kittens ,
Daddy is our "Cookie"

All 7  are  really FANTASTIC !

Negative N/N for - HCM1, HCM3, SMA, PKD, PKdef, PRA
Parents are Scanned for HCM & PKD Negativ !

  Sweet Suntigers LatinLover
Red Silver cl. Tabby
Reserviert - Reserved

Sweet Suntigers LoverBoy
Red cl. Tabby
Sweet Suntigers LuxusRabbit
Blue Solid
Sweet Suntigers LimitedEdition
Red Silver cl. Tabby
Reserviert - Reserved
Sweet Suntigers Lollypop Black cl. Torbie
Reserviert - Reserved
Sweet Suntigers L´BlueBell Blue Solid Reserviert - Reserved
Sweet Suntigers LadyMarmalade Black Silver cl. Tabby Reserviert - Reserved

OPTION - ! Requests are Welcome !
  Anfragen sind Wilkommen !


"Pedigree L-Litter"  Complete Inbreeding 15,7 %
Stolzensee Cookie, MCO ns 22, 2014-04-07, DE/DE Marcus Moon Larenda, MCO ns 22, 2011-11-07, CZ/DE Alessandro Bon di Lincetta, MCO ds 22
IC Ollie Oria of Sudden Blazing, MCO ns 09 22, CZ/-
Blue Berry vom Stolzensee , MCO g 22, 2011-10-13, DE/DE Sweet Suntiger's Magic, MCO as, 2010-09-01, DE/DE
Sweet Queen vom Stolzensee , MCO g 09 22, 2010-06-29, DE/DE
Coberlandcoon You and Me, MCO fs, 2013-03-15, CH/DE Coberlandcoon Taymon Hope, MCO n 23, 2010-11-12, CH/- CH Justcoons Doctor No, MCO d 22
Justcoons Haut Medoc, MCO a, 2008-08-13, DE/-
Justcoons Orchidea, MCO fs, 2011-11-30, DE/CH Justcoons Mr Smee, MCO ns, 2010-07-10, DE/-
Orchis della Tribu del Deserto, MCO w, 2008-04-24